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Quality and professionalism in every aspect, so you need never worry about the success of your family function!

Welcome to The Able Entertainment Group children/family entertainment page - where we provide details on a wide range of entertainment for children including clowns, magic shows, face painters, balloon artists, bouncing inflatables, ball ponds, jugglers, temporary tattoos, stilt walkers, dance games, hair braiding and craft workshops for corporate family events, family fun days, promotions, product launches, in-store entertainment and retail entertainment across the GTA and all of southern Ontario. All of our clowns and magicians are friendly and approachable professionals and we pride ourselves on supplying some of the best in the Toronto area.

Our number one priority is the sucess of your family event

Along with brightly wrapped gifts, piñatas, birthday cake and candles, nothing says fantastic children’s parties like clowns do. Our clowns specialize in creating fun-filled memories for children’s parties in the Toronto area and all across southern Ontario. With everything from magic shows to face-painting and balloon art, Able Entertainment can bring excitement and laughter to children of all ages. So whether your needs are for corporate family parties, school parties, birthday parties or any other children’s events, the Able Entertainment Group is your first choice for clowns and magicians. With many party packages available, you can customize your entertainment needs to fit your budget. You can also choose from popular costumed characters and add delicious cotton candy, popcorn and slushie stations while having a talented clown performing tricks and magic. If your children’s party requires more than one clown or performer, we can help you. Your children will be talking about the party for weeks afterward and have memories that last a lifetime. Our clowns and magicians (some of the highest acclaimed in the Toronto area) will bring laughs and smiles to your children's and their friend's faces in an engaging and exciting atmosphere!

At Able Entertainment, no event is too large or too small

Our clowns and magicians have performed at countless family corporate parties as well as many schools, daycares, public libraries and pre-schools in the Toronto area. Many have also appeared on various local media outlets. Able Entertainment will insure that your family function is of the highest quality in terms of costume, magic, balloon art and overall good times! Our clowns are professional and also very gentle; especially with younger children who may not have seen clowns up close before. Our experience in catering to various ages and our expertise in amusements for any audience makes our performers amongst the best available. So if you reside in southern Ontario and are looking for clowns and magicians to entertain at your family function, look no further than Able Entertainment. Why settle for an ordinary party or a party where you have to plan and arrange all aspects of the entertainment when you could easily captivate your children with one of our performers? Let our clowns do all the work in an organized, professional and delightful setting of your choosing. The Able Entertainment Group can insure an experience neither you nor your children will forget. Our magic shows are interactive & amazing; whatever it is you want to see, our magicians demo the latest and coolest effects in magic including tricks with cards, ropes, money and coins plus disappearing and reappearing objects and much more. Give us a call; it's easier than pulling a rabbit out of a hat!

By choosing Able Entertainment, you can make your next family event the best one yet!

Some Clown facts: All clowns have unique faces, names, and costumes. Each clown will develop his own “personality” It takes approximately one hour for most clowns to put on their makeup, and often another hour to take it off. This can turn a two-hour party into four hours. Clowns are busy each month of the year, but especially so during Christmas and summer. Booking early for Christmas is a wise strategy.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about clowns and magicians for kids:

Question: What age do kids typically have to be to enjoy a clown? Answer:  Boys and girls 3-7 years. Girls often up to 10 years, but ask boys over 7 years old if they would enjoy a clown.
Question: Are clowns good for 1 or 2 year-olds? Answer: children this age may not get much out of a clown, but if there are older children in attendance, a clown will be great entertainment for them.
Question: Is supervision necessary while a clown and/or magican performs? Answer: adequate supervision is always a must, especially at large corporate family functions.
Question: I'm planning a family corporate party. How many children can be invited?
 Answer: It can be 5 or it can be 800 - but never more than you think you can handle. Very large corporate family functions will often do a rotating guest schedule over the course of an afternoon.
Question: Should we have our event inside or outside? Answer: All our events take place rain, shine or snow. If it's very hot, parties are generally better held inside as children will be comfortable and therefore more inclined to readily participate. If the event is outside, the entertainment station should be located away from pools, hoses or other distractions that could take away from the performance.
Question: What times are your entertainers available? Answer: Any times. We recommend booking performers to arrive later than the guests to accommodate for late arrivals; usually at least 15 minutes to 1 hour if a clown or magician is doing a show.
Question: How long can your entertainers work? Answer: As long as you require, but the minimum is 30 minutes for a specific performance. Face painters and balloon artists are generally booked for 2 to 4 hours and increased in half-hour increments.
Question: Should the performers be in the foreground or background? Answer: This depends on what else is going on. If the performer is the only or main event, naturally he or she will be in the foreground. If you have several things scheduled, you may want a clown to just walk and entertain or do balloons or face painting instead of a specific performance. 
Question: Do your clowns wear a professional outfit? Answer: Yes! It is important that the clown not only have professional skills, but also look professional. The performer wants to make sure that he/she is fun to look at. 

Question: Should the children eat before, during or after the clown entertainment? Answer: It is generally best to schedule eating time to  be finished either before the clown arrives or after they leave. We don't recommend food service during a show. If you choose to have eating time before the performer's arrival, it's a good idea to clean hands and faces before the entertainment. This is suggested for a number of reasons; not the least of which is clean kids look better in photos. It is also necesscary for face painting that faces be clean.
Question: At a birthday party, does the clown participate in the cutting of the cake? Answer: They can; this may take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes and leaves the performer less time to complete other features of the scheduled show that may have been promised to you when booking. You may want to schedule the performer for more time in advance of the date to participate in the cutting of the cake. 
Question: Can the clown lead the hitting of a piñata; get the kids in line, root for whoever is hitting it, count the turns, keep kids back if the piñata drops a few candies? Answer: Again, they can, but this can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes depending on the number of kids, their strength, the type of piñata, the number of piñatas and the desginated number of chances per child to hit it. This may leave the clown less time to complete other features of the show.
Question: We are having a "Pool Party" and also want to hire entertainment, can that work? Answer: We suggest you hire the clown either before kids are scheduled to get in the pool or afterwards. We don't recommend face painting or balloons at a pool party. Rather, we suggest clown magic, story telling and games.
Question: How much space is needed to provide for the show and play area? Answer: This depends on the number of children in the audience. We suggest a minimum 5ft x 7ft for visual and participation purposes for a small group. Game areas depend on the number of kids present and the kind of games to be played.

Question: Is performer overtime available? Answer: Overtime is occasionally possible at the scheduled overtime rate - which includes any time after or before the agreed booking times; however it should be noted that in peak season (Christmas) overtime is often not available. 

Question: If the party is at a location where parking is not included, is parking extra? Answer: Yes, parking is an applicable charge for all performers.
Question: If the party is at a restaurant, should I ask the manager for permission before booking clowns? Answer: Yes. Restaurant management prefer that customers who hire entertainment reserve a private room should they have it to offer. Managers will often want to talk with any contracted performers to discuss what kind of entertainment and props are not permitted at their establishment.
Question: My child is in preschool. Can the clown visit the school/daycare centre? Answer: Yes. Children at this age really enjoy clowns.
Question: Can clowns and magicians perform stage shows in a school cafeteria or gymnasium? Answer: Yes. Things to consider here are sound, space, wall types and other entertainment. Please call for more specific information. Sound amplification can be provided for large events in large halls. Magic shows require a "blank wall" backing (no glass, mirrors or reflection behind the performer)
Question: Can clowns tie into a theme or message? Answer: Yes. Please call with details of the theme for more info.

Question: Our company is planning a family day company picnic; can clowns coordinate old fashioned games like potato sack races, hula hoop contests and water balloon tosses? Answer: Yes. Please contact us well in advance of the function date to make sure all the details are covered such as turf considerations, number of kids expected, size of the park/location and water availability. We suggest companies provide either gift certificates or small prizes for winning participants. We also suggest that you conduct hourly raffle prizes to encourage participation after the food has been served.

Question: We'd like to hire a clown for our company family event; what do we need to provide and what do you provide? Answer: The client provides all contact and booking information. Any parking or special entrance information. Also at least one table or booth, depending on the kind of entertainment you are booking. Our performers bring all other necessary props and supplies. Sound can be provided for a large show.
Question: Our company is going to be a booth sponsor at an upcoming event; can we hire a clown to make wacky balloon hats at our booth to generate attention and bring people to our booth to get our company information? Answer: Yes. Just imagine the festive looking atmosphere wacky hats will create. Wacky balloon hats could make your company the talk of the show!
Question: Our establishment is celebrating a Grand Opening; can the clown entertain our customers inside and outside? Answer: Yes. Set- up accommodations depends on the kind of entertainment you are interested in. Please call for details.
Question: There is an employee birthday coming up at our company. Can a clown come and sing Happy Birthday and make wacky balloon hats and perhaps recite a silly poem? Answer: Yes, this is sure to be a fun time and a great photo opportunity!
Question: I manage a restaurant. I would like a clown for a regular children's night; will this work? Answer: A clown or a balloon artist can encourage repeat visits and transform your restaurant into a fun place to eat! Standard rates are discounted for regular weekly bookings.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Able Entertainment at 416 495-8877

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