Able Disc Jockeys provides many of Toronto’s most talented mobile DJ’s for any kind of corporate event as well as for weddings, celebrations, birthday parties, Christmas parties & theme nights. We serve the entire GTA and all of southern Ontario.

Everybody knows a DJ or knows someone who knows one. If the Disc Jockey in question is in fact an experienced professional, this may be a reasonable source for you. However, remember that it’s not a difficult matter for anyone to rent the necessary audio equipment and call himself or herself a Disc Jockey. Able Disc Jockeys have earned the reputation as one of the finest Disc Jockey service companies in the Toronto area (since 1986) for any kind of dance or function you can name. Our experience is second to none and our attention to detail is complete. We’re always well dressed, on time and 100% reliable.

What Can We Do For You?

Able DJ’s can work in any reasonable venue. Our versatility ranges from a small restaurant function for 30 guests to a large convention event with 5000 people. All our DJ's are able to play music from the 40's to the present day and encourage guest requests throughout the evening. Should you desire it, you are given significant say over the music that's played prior to your event. Our legal music library is extensive and is updated monthly with new selections. All of Able Disc Jockeys audio equipment is of the highest commercial quality. Commercial grade audio equipment should be distinguished from domestic home audio products, since more powerful commercial equipment is designed for extended use and road-worthiness. Only professional brand names are used for the sound quality they deliver, the effects they produce and their road durability. Able DJ’s has many different types of DJ personalities with nearly as many different levels of guest interaction. A highly interactive DJ is not necessarily the right thing for all functions. The level of DJ interaction with guests that you desire is determined prior to your event.

Booking a great DJ for your dance event is an important decision for the successful outcome of your function! So how do you find the right mobile Disc Jockey?

Some people view Disc Jockeys as a simple commodity and choose the lowest rate they can find, but there are many things to consider in addition to price. Over the years, we have heard many stories of DJ’s that offer to beat any price, only to provide an inexperienced Disc Jockey with little or no people skills, a limited and unlicensed music library, poor audio equipment & arriving late or sometimes not at all! A DJ can often be the difference between a memorable event and a forgettable one!

Able Disc Jockeys use only experienced, professional & reliable DJ hosts. For over 21 years we have been supplying quality DJ entertainment for all types of functions from large corporate and public events to wedding receptions and private birthday parties. We are a member in good standing of the C.O.D.J.A and fully licensed by the Audio Video Licensing Agency to duplicate copyrighted material, which is a requirement in Canada for the legal duplication of music (surprisingly, it’s estimated that between 70 and 75% of DJ suppliers in Canada are still non-complaint with the federal act that governs copyright/duplication)

Here are some questions to consider when booking a DJ company:

Do they provide a Written Contract or Agreement?
It’s important to confirm a verbal agreement in writing. The terms and conditions should be reasonable and clearly laid out. The client should sign it.

Is the DJ audio equipment the company uses of professional quality?
There are significant differences between professional roadworthy commercial equipment and home audio products. The equipment a mobile DJ uses is regularly moved and played for extended periods so must be of commercial quality. Also, generally speaking, commercial grade equipment is considerably more powerful than home audio devices, since home products were never designed to be used in even small commercial applications. Most competent Disc Jockey suppliers will be pleased to let you know what equipment they use.

Do you have input into the music played at your function?
A popular question often asked when booking a Disc Jockey. A seasoned professional DJ is there to play to your guests and co-workers regardless of his personal musical tastes. It should be no problem for a list to be sent over to the Disc Jockey in advance of the function date and for the DJ to feature as many of the songs as possible (it should be noted that client-supplied music lists, while welcome, often involve more titles than time allows for playing)

What will the DJ wear on the night?
Our DJ’s typical attire is a jacket, shirt & tie, however, our DJ’s are happy to work within any theme and don’t mind adapting their attire to suit it. Also, we often theme the background music at such functions as the guests arrive and/or during dinner.

Will It Be Loud?
An experienced Disc Jockey will be able to judge and monitor the volume throughout the evening. A professional DJ will have no problem if asked to turn down the volume, or conversely, if asked to turn it up.

Will they do more than just play music at our function?
Most functions involve more than just playing music. A professional mobile Disc Jockey will be not only capable of programming the music but also handling any announcing duties required throughout the evening and ready to offer any helpful advice regarding any situations that may arise. The level of DJ interaction with the guests is something that is discussed prior to the event and is suited to your needs.

Do they Have Public Liability Insurance?
It's important for your entertainment supplier to have public liability insurance. As the event organizer, if you book a DJ without insurance and something happens due to negligence then you, the client, could be held liable. With the written agreement you receive you can ask to see a copy of the supplier’s public liability insurance certificate.

It is important to find a DJ company with affirmative answers to the above questions. DJ’s supplied by Able Disc Jockeys will all answer yes, no problem, to the above questions. Experience and quality are the most important factors in hiring your entertainment.

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